• "Banana Leaves" Barware Decanter


    From Joseph Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" to the paintings of Henri Rousseau, the primal mystique of the jungle landscape has long captivated the imagination of the modern world. Banana Leaves transports the viewer into the thick of a dense jungle - no machete required! Similar in design to Jungle Baroque but without the animal depictions, Banana Leaves features overlapping images of thickly veined foliage, bringing a taste of the rainforest to any table setting or home de_cor. Banana Leaves also differs from Jungle Baroque in its inclusion of an additional production step: After being mouth- blown and sandblasted, each piece is painstakingly hand-painted with a golden hue, kiln-fired, and then hand- colored and kiln-fired a second time, after which the gold color is only visible on the inside of the glass. The result is a truly unique object that evokes a walk in the tropics - rich with detail, bright color, and the unexpected surprise of sparkling gold flashes on the interior.

    H 26 cm • 10.2 in 

    Ø 12.5 cm • 4.9 in

    1.15 L • 38.9 oz

    Bohemian crystal from the Czech Republic.
    Mouth-blown, hand-engraved.
    Not dishwasher safe.