• "Carp" Vase


    In a serene garden, lush greenery surrounds a quiet pond, where carps swim lazily around lily pads, their bodies reflecting bright flashes of color. The tranquil setting of a carp pond is a fondly recognized scene _ both in Asia and in the Czech Republic. Carp are revered in many Asian cultures as symbols of fortune and good luck, and their colorful essence inspired the vibrant green, yellow and gold tones used in this design. The creation of this vase requires a painstaking five-step process: after each vase is mouth-blown, the carp are painted on and the piece is fired. Next the vase is sandblasted to give it a pearl finish and the waves are hand-engraved. Lastly, each carp receives the golden touch: a highly detailed hand-gilding. This lushly detailed vase makes a perfect centerpiece for any table.

    H 18 cm • 7.1 in 

    Ø 27 cm • 10.6 in

    Bohemian crystal from the Czech Republic.
    Mouth-blown, hand-engraved.

    Not dishwasher safe.