Viden Double Old Fashioned

$445.00 USD

Inspired by Josef Hoffman of the Wiener Werkstatte (a German design movement of the early 20th century), Viden is remarkable for its substantial weight, sharp angles, and bold design aesthetic. Each Viden piece is mouth-blown and hand-cut, with each cut then being hand-polished to perfection.

The Double Old Fashioned is perhaps the most versatile glass in any barware set, it is perfect for whiskey or any other on-the-rocks beverage.

H 9.8 cm • 3.9 in

Ø 8.8 cm • 3.5 in

365 ml • 12.3 oz

100% Lead-Free Crystal, Mouth-Blown, Hand-Cut and Hand-Polished

*Shipping fee included!
As you order, each piece will be hand crafted by artisans in Europe, please allow up to 22 weeks for manufacturing. As there have been additional Covid-19 related logistical issues, shipping times may be delayed.