Piano Zen

$338.00 USD

To the artist, music is a place of refuge; a solace to express feeling and touch upon emotions that words alone cannot. The piano is the pianists voice. The key to a universal language of limitless reach.  Zen is a powerful representation of the above; a blank canvas of endless and powerful possibility. 

Our gallery frames are created to display fine art photography in the most luxurious way. We've chosen timeless frames to look good in any space. Designed to give your artwork a sleek and modern feel, our frames are built with a medium depth. The exact depth of each frame varies per size to ensure durability. Framed artwork arrives with a single wire attached to the back, making the installation process simple and seamless.

All photos are printed on professional premium luster photo paper, a grade of paper that enhances the vibrant colors of the image. It is then mounted and laminated, which simultaneously protects the image and allows the viewer to enjoy the framed artwork without glare. 

About The Artist:

Miami-born photographer and videographer Mario Garcia finds inspiration in his world travels to off-the-grid destinations. Garcia creates pieces that are rich in culture and incorporate the dynamic energy of his Cuban roots.