Blue Faceted Plate

$2,895.00 USD

Drawing inspiration from 18th-century German vessels that used the same style of cutting and polishing, the unique angular appearance ¬of our FACETED motif makes a bold statement.

This stunning blue Faceted Plate makes a bold statement and is ideal as a table centerpiece or stand-alone design statement in a foyer, it is also a perfect size for serving fruit or canapés.

H 5 cm • 2 in
⌀ 31 cm • 12.2 in

Shipping fees are included! 

100% Lead-Free Crystal, Mouth-Blown, Hand-Cut and Hand-Polished
Not Dishwasher Safe

As each piece is hand crafted by artisans in Europe, please allow up to 4 weeks for shipping. As there have been additional Covid-19 related logistical issues, shipping times may be delayed.

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