• Table Drive


    Drive is the name of the transformable coffee table. The initial idea for this revolutionary development was to enable a family to sit on the sofa and play games, work, or eat. The coffee table can be altered in three different ways. Thanks to a pneumatic spring, the height can be adjusted between 48 and 68 cm. In addition, the surface area can be moved horizontally 30 cm in any direction so that corner sitting is also comfortable. The base and leg of the table remain in place. Drive is available in many different high quality design versions. The tabletop sizes are either 100cm x 100cm or 120cm x 80 cm and special sizes may also be ordered.

    Please contact us for more information on color options: info@bernadetteschaeffler.com


    H 48-68 cm • 19-27 in
    W 100 cm • 39 in 
    D 100 cm • 39 in

    W 120 cm • 47 in 
    D 80 cm • 31.5 in