Forest Folly Double Old Fashioned Set of Six

$1,199.00 USD

With a stylish modern twist on a classic theme, the Forest Folly Collection pays homage to the centuries-old tradition of hunting. 

NOTE: Folly Motifs Are Also Available Without Guns

Pictured in British Racer, Ink, Mahogany, Peacocj, Purple and Red

H 9.8 cm • 3.9 in
⌀ 8.8 cm • 3.5 in
365 ml • 12.3 oz

Bohemian crystal from the Czech Republic.
Mouth-blown, hand-engraved

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Please allow up to 6 weeks for shipping as each piece is hand crafted by artisans in Europe. As there have been additional Covid-19 related logistical issues, shipping times may be delayed.

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