Mod Maxi Double Old Fashioned

$129.00 USD

With its modern, concentrically geometric design, MOD Maxi was inspired by Josef Albers's iconic 1965 painting; an Homage to the Square.

In line with the playfulness of the design, the motif is offered in positive and negative versions (aka Color Middle & Sandblast Middle)- perfect for mixing and matching. (Pictured in Color Middle).

H 9.7 cm • 3.8 in 

Ø 8.6 cm • 3.4 in

300 ml • 10.1 oz

Pictured in Ink. See all color options here and select your preference in the drop down menu. 

Shipping fees are included!

Bohemian crystal from the Czech Republic.
Mouth-blown, hand-engraved.

Not dishwasher safe.

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