• Vase Poe


    The dark and enigmatic raven - beautiful, macabre, and fiercely intelligent - was immortalized by Edgar Allen Poe in his 1845 masterpiece, "The Raven". The Poe motif depicts the iconic bird perched on a branch holding a poppy flower (equally potent in its symbolism, as poppies were long thought to symbolize eternal sleep). These two slightly sinister - but very chic - elements combine to create a unique and very striking statement. A single feather adorns the bottom of each piece, further enhancing the uniqueness of this motif.

    H 18 cm • 7.1 in 

    Ø 27 cm • 10.6 in

    Bohemian crystal from the Czech Republic.
    Mouth-blown, hand-engraved.

    Not dishwasher safe.