Verdure Votive Set

$327.00 USD

Exquisite blossoms and luxuriously leafy vines grace the Verdure Collection. Inspired by wallpaper designed by Dagobert Peche of the Wiener Werkstätte (a German design movement of the early 20th century), the complexity of Verdure's engraving can only be executed by a handful of the Czech Republic's most skilled artisans.

 H 17.9 cm • 7.1 in 

Ø 11.5 cm • 4.5 in

135 ml • 4.6 oz

This set comes in Teal, Black and Purple. 

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Bohemian crystal from the Czech Republic.
Mouth-blown, hand-engraved.
Not dishwasher safe.
As each piece is hand crafted by artisans in Europe, please allow up to 4 weeks for shipping. As there have been additional Covid-19 related logistical issues, shipping times may be delayed.